If you are already practicing and have a client base that needs immigration representation,STOP referring those clients elsewhere!! We can guide and assist you in taking on these clients and becoming a practiced immigration attorney.

You would merely conduct an initial consultation with your potential client and ask them what their immigration needs are. Download our client Intake Form and email us the details and we will provide you all the information and resources you need to advise and represent your new immigration client.

All you then need to do is have the documents executed, enclose the appropriate fees and send to the appropriate location.

If you are already an immigration law practitioner, VIO can immediately help decrease your overhead and increase productivity. The key advantage to using VIO instead of other copycat ‘doc prep’ services is that VIO provides you Actual Legal support provided by experienced immigration attorneys in addition to paralegals and administrative support. VIO provides every service you could need- legal research, mentoring, counseling and doc prep services, REDUCE YOUR OVERHEAD and save yourself time & money by letting VIO handle all your matters from soup to nuts. VIO will also provide guidance to market and finance your business and can let you know if you are charging competitive fees for all your cases.