The Immigration Judge is the preliminary step in all matters.  In removal proceedings, Immigration Judges determine whether an alien should be allowed to enter or remain in the United States or should be removed. Immigration Judges are responsible for conducting formal court proceedings and act independently in deciding the matters before them. Their decisions are administratively final unless appealed or certified to the Board. They also have jurisdiction to consider various forms of relief from removal. In a typical removal proceeding, the Immigration Judge may decide whether an alien is removable or inadmissible under the law, then may consider whether that alien may avoid removal through specific remedies.

We are available for assistance from your first notice of entry, to appeals, to remands, to trial preparation.  We have had favorable outcomes for clients that even we believed had at most a 25% chance of success.  Our knowledge of waivers, understanding and translating of hardship, diligence and dedication are what set us apart from the rest.  Fees are assessed upon the basis of waivers required; applications for relief and any research or document preparation is billed at the rate of $75.00 per hour.


As of July 1, 2008, the Office of the Chief Immigration Judge announced uniform procedures, recommendations and requirements to file cases with the Immigration Court.  These practices are binding on all parties who appear in Immigration Court.  Local filing procedures will no longer be used.

Among some of the new changes brought forth by these new filing procedures are the following:
1.  All Documents including Motions, Briefs and Exhibits must be paginated by consecutive page numbers placed a the bottom right hand corner of the pages.
2.  Whenever proposed exhibits or submissions to the Court are required, a Table of Contents with page numbers identified should be included.

Failure to prepare and submit documents as prescribed by these uniform rules will result in a rejection by the Immigration Court of the entire submission.

Virtual Immigration Office can assist you by tabbing, indexing, collating and binding your submission and providing a detailed Table of Contents.  This is often very time consuming and detailed work which takes most Attorneys and their staff the most time to compile for submission.

If you a have a submission to be filed with any Immigration Court in the US, let Virtual Immigration Office prepare and file your submission.

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